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About Our Network

TSC is one big Family

Family: A group whose members are related in origin, characteristics, or occupation.

The Senior’s Choice began in 1999, and since then we have grown into a global family of premier senior care providers.

We really do see our members as a big family – and not just because they all share the same occupation. They also share the same passion of caring for seniors, the same values of providing honest and ethical care, the same compassion and empathy for families struggling with elder care issues, and the same belief that what they do is special.

Members of The Senior’s Choice all carry a very specific hallmark: the desire to make a difference in the lives of people in their community by providing first-class care to seniors, allowing them to comfortably and safely “age in place” in their own homes. And by doing so, we also provide peace of mind for their families.

To receive more information about in-home care services provided by The Senior’s Choice, simply click here and complete the form. Your request will be promptly forwarded to The Senior’s Choice member nearest you, who will contact you to answer any questions and to learn more about your specific care needs.


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