Each quarter since 2005, The Senior’s Choice has honored one of our members’ caregivers with our distinguished “Caregiver of the Season” award, recognizing their dedication, passion, compassion, and outstanding achievement. The remarkable individual listed below is the kind of person who will be caring for your loved one when you hire a member of The Senior’s Choice to provide in-home care.


Debbie has been a caregiver with Comforts of Home-Care for the past two years. Debbie is a beloved caregiver and really goes the extra distance for her clients.

For example, she recently took on a palliative client who was depressed and didn’t want to live. Debbie took the time to figure out what her interests were and organized everything in her room. She saw the voids in her client’s life and shared that with her client’s family—and as a result, the family added more visits so she would have more care.

Not only that, but Debbie was devoted to caring for her client until the end, giving her a sense of purpose!

The family couldn’t believe how fortunate their loved one was to have Debbie. She made a huge difference for this client. When Debbie takes on an assignment, she gives it her all and puts the focus fully on her client’s well-being! She epitomizes everything we strive to do at Comforts of Home – Care.

Katherine Peters

Comforts of Home-Care

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