Each quarter since 2005, The Senior’s Choice has honored one of our members’ caregivers with our distinguished “Caregiver of the Season” award, recognizing their dedication, passion, compassion, and outstanding achievement. The remarkable individual listed below is the kind of person who will be caring for your loved one when you hire a member of The Senior’s Choice to provide in-home care.

Eurlean Johnson-Roberts

Eurlean Johnson-Roberts (or as we call her, Lea), is an amazing caregiver. Lea is the utmost professional and represents the values of Progressive Care Partners to all our clients. She is a CNA and an HHA and is a role model for other caregivers.

Lea has the skills and ability to be placed on any case, and she does so without question or complaint. Lea is one of those caregivers whom you never have to worry about.

Whatever we need her help with, she jumps in. Lea believes that to do less than we need, or to do it with less than the very best of her ability, would be to let her patients and her work team down. Lea is a great team player. One particular weekend we were incredibly short-staffed. We reached out to Lea, and even though it was her first night off and she had plans, she canceled them to cover the open shift.

Lea is currently working with a hospice patient with cancer. The cancer has spread into his bones. The client shared with Shannon Householder, our Care Coordinator at Progressive Care Partners, that Lea is the only one who can move him without provoking unbearable pain. This patient’s family told me that, of all the staff, they are most impressed with our Lea. Lea has the overnight shift and she shows up with her uniform looking crisp and clean, ready to work.

She gives her whole heart and uses all her skills to provide excellent care to our clients. Our company would be at a great loss without her on our team of caregivers.

Thank you, Lea, for all your hard work and heartfelt care for our clients.

Victor Ide

Progressive Care Partners

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