Each quarter since 2005, The Senior’s Choice has honored one of our members’ caregivers with our distinguished “Caregiver of the Season” award, recognizing their dedication, passion, compassion, and outstanding achievement. The remarkable individual listed below is the kind of person who will be caring for your loved one when you hire a member of The Senior’s Choice to provide in-home care.

Irene Taylor

“We’d like to share a lovely story about Irene Taylor, one of our great team members, and how she brought some joy to her client’s lives in a very interesting way. Irene’s caregiving experience was with her parents and working with a quadriplegic. She completed the CCA program soon after she joined our company.

Two of the clients she has recently worked with are quite ill. Louise is 90+ years old and suffering from lung cancer. Despite Louise’s terminal status, she has maintained her witty nature. She hired us after she refused additional treatment for her cancer. Obviously, she knew she would be deteriorating.

Another of Irene’s clients is 70-year-old Bill. He suffers from debilitating pain from complications caused by Glaucoma, as well as from neuropathy in his legs and a blood disorder that is similar to leukemia.

Both people are extremely intelligent and articulate. Irene has observed they have similar interests and given different circumstances, they would have been a great duo. She jokingly shared her feelings with both of them and without using last names, she told both Louise and Bill they would make an outstanding couple. Both ask Irene how the other is doing and refer to each other as boyfriend and girlfriend.

Irene’s assignment with Bill ended last Friday. To show his appreciation, Bill sent Irene flowers to show his gratitude for her assistance, but there was an additional arrangement delivered to Irene addressed to “Louise.” The card read:

“Dear Louise, everyone needs a little romance in their lives. Love, Bill”

Irene promptly delivered the rose to Louise, whose face lit up with joy! Louise is quite ill and currently in the skilled nursing section of her independent living community. I doubt she has much time left. Irene brought happiness to the lives of two people who obviously have difficulty finding joy at this stage of their lives. It just doesn’t get better than that!”

Senior Assist of the Peninsula

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