Each quarter since 2005, The Senior’s Choice has honored one of our members’ caregivers with our distinguished “Caregiver of the Season” award, recognizing their dedication, passion, compassion, and outstanding achievement. The remarkable individual listed below is the kind of person who will be caring for your loved one when you hire a member of The Senior’s Choice to provide in-home care.

Merina Odegard

Upon retirement from our local nursing home, Merina came to work for us. She brought along many years of experience and a strong understanding of senior issues.

Last year I assigned her to a client who could be very gruff and demanding. However, after talking it over we understood that our client was very afraid of dying. He was also afraid to leave his wife who had early memory loss. Those fears led him to lash out at those he cared for. But he always knew he was safe unloading his burdens with Merina. Merina spent many hours talking to him about his faith and dying. Most mornings after attending mass she would bring back communion for him.

At the end, when our client was admitted to the hospital, the family called Merina to come up and be with them. He and Merina had talked many times about what prayers he wanted said at the end. So Merina led the family in those prayers as he passed away peacefully surrounded by his family and Merina.

The ultimate recognition of her importance to her client’s family came when they asked Merina and another of his caregivers be honorary pallbearers at his funeral.

What an honor and tribute to their caring hearts. It’s an honor and a pleasure to have Merina representing Alternative Senior Care in our community, because we always know that she is giving her all to her clients.

Cindy Thieschafer
Alternative Senior Care

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