Each quarter since 2005, The Senior’s Choice has honored one of our members’ caregivers with our distinguished “Caregiver of the Season” award, recognizing their dedication, passion, compassion, and outstanding achievement. The remarkable individual listed below is the kind of person who will be caring for your loved one when you hire a member of The Senior’s Choice to provide in-home care.

Tonya Smith

Today we’re happy to present another outstanding caregiver who is joining the ranks of Caregiver of the Season. It was a difficult decision this issue, with a host of wonderful candidates submitted. Congratulations to Tonya Smith of Caring Hands Wyoming.

Tonya has been with our Wyoming-based team since our first training session on April 6, 2012. She has a bright smile and a contagious laugh that are always on display when she arrives at a client’s home. Tonya worked our very first shift of caregiving that we were blessed enough to earn a month after her training session. She continues to impress the same client today along with many others. She has stuck it out with us as we learn about our clients, the industry, and best practices; all while maintaining an undeniable willingness to contribute to the team and our growth. She has been willing to work as many hours as needed, including consecutive weekends to fill the gaps when short-handed. Tonya has been late to only one assignment during her tenure with our team, and that was due largely to a scheduling error (oops!).

Tonya continues to earn her stripes with our Caring Hands of Wyoming team and exhibits great versatility. She regularly has difficult clients tout her excellent care, and keeps clients as active and fit as possible. She has even lost a few pounds herself while riding the extra excerise bike next to a client performing prescribed rehabilitation fitness. Tonya was featured in a picture and newspaper article with me that made its way to the front page of the Sunday business section of our local newspaper and from there to a plaque on our office wall.

Tonya will certainly be the first caregiver considered for a Field Supervisor role as our clientele and caregiver team grows. She takes constructive criticism with a smile, putting what she’s learned into practice. Last week she gave me some sound caregiver advice that gave me perspective and will save me many headaches down the road. Her comment was: “Quinn, the biggest part of being a good caregiver is putting aside what you want to accomplish today and listening to what the client wants done today…that and smiling!” Thank you, Tonya Smith!

Quinn Clark

Caring Hands of Wyoming

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