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Reviews & Testimonials

As you advance through our Discovery & Selection Journey, you will have a chance to speak one-on-one with our members. In the meantime, feel free to view our member videos and written reviews.


Alternative Senior Care

“Having support has made this journey so much easier.” – Mike Karasch


Care Central Incorporated

“The Senior’s Choice keeps us current in the industry so that we can be competitive in the marketplace and provide quality care.” – Rita Ratliff


Neighbors New York, Inc.

“I started the business with a lot of heart, but not a lot of business experience; TSC gave me the “business” part of the business that I needed.” – Nancy Talarski


Always There Senior Care

“We wanted to move forward to the next level and TSC’s wealth of knowledge has been really helpful for us.” – Greg Feldman


Bayside Home Care

“If it wasn’t for TSC, we wouldn’t have the growth that we’ve had as quick as we’ve had it.” – Gary Vogel

“The Senior’s Choice’s Founder, Steve Everhart, is the reason I decided to open my own home care business nearly 20-years ago, and the rest is history. Steve is one of the pioneers in the home care industry and wonderful mentor of mine to this day.” Aaron Marcum, Former TSC Member and Founder of Home Care Pulse

Our Members Consistently Provide Unsurpassed Care

In a recent benchmark survey conducted by Home Care Pulse, a third-party private duty home care survey company, senior care business owners trained by our team are consistently among the top performers in the nation when it comes to client satisfaction scores.

In fact, Aaron J. Marcum, President and Founder of Home Care Pulse, declared that on average, senior care entrepreneurs trained by our team “score at or above ‘Best of Home Care’ in all 13 categories. None of the other groups we rate as a whole are ‘Best of Home Care’ in all categories within client satisfaction…an impressive stat!”

“There are not enough words to express our gratitude for finding The Senior’s Choice, you two and your team. It was a true leap of faith that turned out to be one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.

You gave us everything we needed to succeed in an industry that was completely foreign to us. The Senior’s Choice template is beyond comprehensive. Clients and their families, caregivers, referral sources and home health personnel repeatedly told us that we operated with the utmost of professionalism and thoroughness.

The last 15 years has been the most rewarding of our professional lives. This experience will continue to be a source of pride and we have you to thank. You’ll always hold a special place in our hearts.”

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John Neill, Senior Assist of the Peninsula

“I am so happy with my decision to go with The Senior Choice. I want to thank everyone there for giving me everything I need to make my business a success. While I learned a lot at the training class, it did not stop there. I had been doing this business for several years on my own and was doing ok. But with the help of The Senior Choice, I now have a BUSINESS. This is the real thing. You have had all the answers for me: in marketing, payroll, hiring, training, etc. If I can’t find it in the books or CD’s you sent, I know you are just a phone call away. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. You have fulfilled my dreams and more.”

Carol Hardin
“As a private home care company operating for eight years I felt isolated when a problem arose and I had no one to turn to for advice. I did not want to be part of a franchise that would dictate to me how to care for my clients. Researching the internet for an alternative, I found The Senior’s Choice. I talked with them in depth and it sounded like the perfect solution. After attending my first Senior’s Choice regional training session, I knew this is what I had been missing as an independent home care company. The other TSC members were very welcoming and professional. The luxury of posting a question on TSC message board and receiving dozens of responses within minutes is priceless. Members are willing to share and help any way possible. As for the management team, they are always there to help and truly care about you. A couple of national franchise owners in our area recently were complaining about not being able to get any helpful advice from their corporate office and also having to pay so much for royalties and marketing/advertising. I happily don’t have that problem!
Any time I have reach out to Steve, AnNita, or fellow members, they always go above and beyond trying to help me solve whatever problem I’m having. So glad I found them in 2006!”
Rita Ratliff

“Training was very informative and I told everyone that I wish I had had your resources when I started my business 2 years ago!”

Rose Tamunday

“The Seniors Choice has helped my business run like clock-work so that I am minimally involved leaving me more time to spend with my young son and husband.

I am a big TSC fan and cheerleader! Because of your team, I have a clear understanding of how to navigate this great, big ship to profitable waters. I am doing it. We had our best year ever last year (’08) because of the focus and guidance you all provided and it has helped us this year when the economy took a bite out of us. TSC has helped me become a better CEO and taught me how to set priorities, manage my supervisors, delegate, ask for the results I want and to track (oh so important!!)”

Rachel Lee Cummings
“In 2006, I started my private duty home care business. I had done a lot of research and spent a week with a company in Maine learning about their processes. Within a few weeks, I had my first big client and, from there, the business began to grow. But a few years in, I felt like I had hit a wall. My business had outgrown the systems I had put in place, and my growth was slowing. I felt isolated and without support.

I began searching on the internet for assistance. I considered various conventional franchises, but, once I realized that I would lose some control over my business and would be paying royalties forever(!), I nixed that idea. Eventually, I found The Senior’s Choice. I contacted them and set up a phone interview with Steve Everhart. At the end of the phone call, I was sold! Steve’s enthusiasm and knowledge convinced me that I needed to be part of this group. I attended a week-long training session and started poring through the manuals to learn as much as I could. I called and emailed Steve and AnNita for assistance. Within a few months, I had implemented a new scheduling system, changed my insurance company, begun to access The Senior’s Choice discussion board, and felt like I was on my way. Nine years later, I continue to benefit from the conferences, the online and phone support, and the camaraderie and knowledge of my fellow TSC members. What a group they are! Full of enthusiasm and great ideas and always willing to share!

I live in a fairly rural area of the country with a scattered population and a good amount of competition. Yet this year my company will gross nearly $2 million. Would I have reached this point without TSC? I truly don’t think so. So, if you are considering TSC, what are you waiting for? Go for It!”

Nancy Talarski

“We here at Back Home Senior Care continue our quest to be the best home care company serving the San Francisco east bay region. None of our success would be possible without the love and support from all of you at TSC. Thank you for all that you do in supporting our efforts and we are looking forward to our continued relationship in the New Year!”

Cliff, Trayce, Gaby & Temeca

“We joined the Seniors Choice in 2008 as nontraditional members after already starting our business two years prior and not as a startup. We have found The Seniors Choice to be a real value from the stand point of many years of their operating experience in the home care industry. Not only do we get the benefit of the operating techniques and coaching but the friendships and exchange of ideas from the other members. Steve and AnNita and their team are always available and willing to lend a hand and the core value is family and assisting each member to be successful in the industry. We are working into our twelfth year of business and appreciate the ability to operate our business independently and not as a franchise and still have The Seniors Choice to lean on when needed. I would highly recommend anyone with aspiration to join a team, weather you are a new start up or you have an established business, to explore how The Seniors Choice can benefit your agency needs providing in home care to seniors.”

Greg Feldman

“Our decision 5 + years ago truly changed our lives. The Seniors Choice business model, the systems, the training, and the thorough and always available support of corporate literally guaranteed our success. I cannot praise The Senior’s Choice enough when talking to prospective new members and I am sure the enthusiasm of the membership comes through loud and clear when prospective members do their due diligence and call us. In my mind the decision to join The Senior’s Choice versus a franchise should be readily evident to anyone serious about getting into this industry. We are so grateful for the significant contribution The Senior’s Choice has made in order for us to be successful.”

John Neill

“Every day, I wake up and feel incredibly blessed to have this opportunity to help the seniors and their families in my community. I cannot THANK YOU ENOUGH for your vision with The Senior’s Choice — and for what you and the team do to help independent Senior Companion Care companies like mine… I always say that I am a proud member of The Senior’s Choice network.”

Sandi McCann

While announcing the winner of the Windsor Essex Chamber of Commerce “New Business of the Year – 2011” Amy wrote:
“Your help and insights over the last 2 ½ years have been instrumental in our success. Without The Senior’s Choice, we know that we would not have been able to achieve as much as we have or been able to overcome the obstacles that we have faced. This network has provided us with inspiration and the tools to be successful.”

Amy, Amy’s Helping Hands

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