Higher employee turnover rates negatively affect a care home agency’s bottom line. However, the consequences are far-reaching here are some of the multifaceted challenges your home care business might face due to high churn rates.

The Impact of Increased Caregiver Churn on Home Care Agencies

Staff shortages

The first and most obvious impact of caregiver churn is not having enough employees to cover shifts. Additionally, staff shortages increase the workload of your existing staff, which could lead to an overworked, dissatisfied workforce.

Lower customer satisfaction

Caregivers are the heart of a home care agency. They attend to clients’ health needs and build rapport with those they serve. These factors directly affect customer satisfaction and better health outcomes. When visits are missed due to staff shortages or customers aren’t able to build long-term trust in the caregivers, it affects the efficiency of care and can lead to poor health outcomes.

Increased hiring costs

It takes as many as six months for companies to gain a return on investment after hiring a single employee. Besides the salary cost to the business, the recruiting, onboarding, and training phases add up. An employee who earns $8/hour can set your company back $3,500 in turnover costs.

Tips for Boost Caregiver Retention

Happy employees are less likely to quit. So, improving employee satisfaction is the best approach to decreasing caregiver churn.

The following tips can help you create a stronger employee experience:

Listen to your employees

Before implementing the latest software or scheduling tool, ask your present and past employees how you can make the agency a better work environment. Hosting regular town halls where staff members can feel comfortable enough to share concerns could be the first place to start. Another idea could be to email a quarterly questionnaire for employees to complete anonymously. These tools should give you a starting place and identify the biggest concerns among your staff.

Keep your employees informed

The worst thing that may happen to most caregivers is to be neglected or kept unaware of corporate activity. Regular updates on key changes, new initiatives, investments, or customers help the caregiver feel involved and part of the organization. The present age values openness and self-information via social media and accessible news, thus learning that things have altered without prior notice is damaging.

Encourage your employees to give you feedback

Encourage staff to provide feedback on their job, clients, and coworkers. Employees are your eyes since managers don’t see everything. Don’t limit your workers’ freedom of expression by limiting their options. Despite this, it is not always simple to get a clear, objective picture of what is going on in clients’ homes and in caregiver-client interactions.

Reduce Caregiver Churn and Stay on Top

Home care agencies everywhere are facing a growing number of challenges while managing quality care and ensuring the safety and happiness of their caregivers and clients.

With the demand for quality caregivers only increasing it is a serious matter of concern for all home care agencies. By considering the tips that we’ve listed here to ensure that caregivers stay with you for a longer period of time, you’ll be able to take care of your business and provide better outcomes for clients and your caregivers.

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