According to the AARP, 90% of seniors age 65 and older want to stay in their homes as long as they can, and 80% don’t envision themselves moving again. Senior home health care is a growing business. As the population ages and birth rates decline, the elderly population will require more support from passionate caregivers like you.

It’s admirable you want to start a senior home care business, but it can be a real challenge getting started. If you’re reading this, then you care about the elderly, so you want the best information when pursuing a home care start-up.

The Senior’s Choice is here to help! Keep reading and we’ll take you through some necessary steps to get you started with home care for seniors.

Choosing Services and a Name

Start by researching under-provided services in your area and see if you’d be willing to perform them.

Non-medical services include housekeeping, running errands, and assisting with meals and bathroom trips.

Medical services include hospital discharge care and injury rehabilitation assistance. These require licensing and training, so factor that in with your start-up costs.

Next, you can choose a catchy, bold name that sets you apart. Choose a name that gives seniors a clear sense of your services and shows the person behind it. Remember, they want a human being to help them, not a lifeless brand.

Legal and Insurance

Next, you want to pick the right legal structure for a senior home care business.

Most businesses go with an LLC because of the personal liability protection and easy starting process. Then you’ll want to get a Federal Employee Identification Number (FEIN) for tax purposes.

The next step is researching insurance policies for at-home care for seniors.

Professional liability insurance is necessary for this type of business. It protects you from mistakes and things you might forget while performing care.

Rates and Marketing

Determining your rates and advertising usually goes hand-in-hand.

What sort of price are you going to set for your services to attract new customers? Will you have an introductory promotion? How will seniors or their family members see your service materials, and what will draw them to your service over others?

When coming up with your marketing strategy, it’s important to remember that everyone in senior care is and should be passionate about assisting the elderly. Thinking about what sets you apart from other senior home health care services, or even a traditional senior care home, will help you get started.

Senior Home Care: Ready to Get Started?

Senior home care is not for the faint of heart. You’re taking the comfort and well-being of our society’s aging population into your own hands.

Maybe you’re starting to feel overwhelmed by all the necessary steps to start your business. Fortunately, the team at The Senior’s Choice has decades of experience training, coaching, and giving ongoing support to home care start-ups.

Contact us for more information on our Fast Start Plan and book a free consultation today!

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