Ask yourself:

Have you forgotten why you started your business?

Are you emotionally and physically drained every day?

Have you become cynical or critical at work?

Do you drag yourself to work and have trouble getting started?

Have you become irritable or impatient with co-workers, customers or clients?

Do you lack the energy to be consistently productive?

Do you lack satisfaction from your achievements?

Try this 30-minute makeover and see the difference!

  • Make a list of everything you like about your business. Be specific. List the tasks and functions you find fulfillment in. Identify your top 5 and number them, 1 being most satisfying
  • Make a list of everything you dislike about your business. Be specific. What tasks do you find most troublesome? Identify your top 5 and number them, 1 being most unpleasant.
  • Briefly write out why you got into this business, why it appealed to you and what you want to achieve through it.
  • Describe how your ideal business would be. Be specific. Describe your ideal job description, ideal work hours, ideal staff support, ideal caregivers and clients.
  • Decide what procedures, staff, and methods you would need to have your business running more ideally in a month.
  • Example: If hiring help for the office is what you need, create a job title and a task list for that position. How many days and hours per week those tasks would require. How much per hour is that help worth to you? Do you have a caregiver who could handle that work part-time or do you need a full-time person?
  • Create an action plan to implement the change you’ve decided upon.
  • Schedule the implementation date on your calendar as well as any intermediate steps to implementation and stick to them!
  • Schedule a review date to evaluate the new change.
  • Take 15 more minutes and reward yourself… Describe a vacation during which someone will cover the phones and scheduling for you. Be specific!
  •  Choose a date 6 weeks out and schedule that vacation on your calendar. Keep that date with yourself!
  • List all the activities you enjoy. Plan regular time for them. Have some fun!

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